Jenna Gearing

As a young artist, I strive to bring vitality and a sense of freshness into each piece. I do this by combining traditional pattinas with sculptures filled with life and presence. In this manner I consciously strive to capture a moment, gesture or feeling that is immediately relatable.

My sculptures are figurative and are mostly created on commission. My focus is animals and humans, with portraits being my most challenging yet rewarding pieces.

When sculpting my art I consider the three most important processes to be capturing, interpreting and representing.

Working with clay allows me to convey the character and emotion of a subject and I continuously aim to ensure my pieces are instantly recognisable.

The subject, either through live sittings or photographs, is personally interpreted in a way that I think will be most beautifully and accurately portrayed in the final bronze piece. This of course leads me into the ultimate stage and one of utmost importance: representation. Through my sculpture I hope to captivate and engage the viewer by allowing them to relate to the realism and personal nature that my finished pieces project.​


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