Jane Clatworthy

Jane’s deliciously rich Semi abstracts in cold wax and oils are inspired by the elemental dramas created by the rivers, sky’s and regular floods where she lives. She often uses an abstracted motif of an Abbey which is another dominant feature of her home town of Tewkesbury.

Paintings are oil and wax on board.


Charity Baker

Charity’s inspiration comes from life and art. She begins each series of work by painting the world around her directly from life, simultaneously obsessing on particular moments in art history. Then building larger pieces from the autobiographical work and pulling selectively from the historical art references, she uses memory and imagination to complete a set of narrative paintings that collectively tell epic stories.

Paintings are oil on canvas.




Sandra Strēle

Sandra Strēle graduated in 2016 from the Art Academy of Latvia, acquiring her master's degree at the Department of Painting, also she had spent one semester as part of a student exchange programme at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She has received the visual arts scholarship of the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation in 2012, the Brederlo von Sengbusch Art Prize in 2014, the SEB Banka scholarship in painting in 2016, prestigious grant from Elizabeth Greenschields foundation in Canada and Young Painter Prize in 2019. Sandra Strēle has held a number of solo exhibitions, participated in group exhibitions and artist residences in Italy, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, India, Belgium, Germany, France and elsewhere.

Mixed Media


Mariia Zhurykova

Mariia Zhurykova was born in Russia in 1988, in early childhood she moved to Ukraine. After graduating from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kiev in 2005 she started cooperating with Art-Yug gallery in Yalta. The works of this period are strongly influenced by Ukrainian academic school and Crimean tradition.

Paintings are oil on canvas




Jonathan Forrence

Jonathan Forrence is currently a MFA at University of Kentucky having achieved a BFA in sculpture at the University of Plattsburgh. He grew up in the small farming town of Peru New York where he watch as industrial farming destroyed the small farming town feel and local economy. Beside large public sculpture Jonathan is interested in examining rural VS urban food systems and the ecology of American farm life.

Cast Polished iron inlayed with silica bronze


Pam Foley

Abstraction from the human figure is the consistent theme in my work. I sculpt to evoke certain emotions, feelings, or experiences. In my studio I work primarily in clay or plaster, as well as in other materials such as paint and textiles. Recurring recent themes include solitude and sorrow. I start by building an armature and work the material onto it to produce a lone figure that closely represents the idea or emotion. The piece is then enclosed in a rubber mould and cast using another material.





Kerstin Paillard

Kerstin Paillard was raised between Stockholm, Sweden and southern France. She received a BFA in 1999 from the Contemporary Art School, Villa Arson, Nice, France and an MFA in 2005 from the University of Montpellier, France. She lives and works between Sweden and France. Her work embodies this personal sense of ambivalence and tries to offer a painterly meditation on the human psyche ; it is meant to facilitate individual introspection through the use of abstract, haptic forms and a limited coloru palette. She is interested in ideas of interiority and how the individual relates to the collective in an increasingly isolated world. By experimenting the processes and the limits of the pure pigments, that smashes and smears on the canvas in a very physical and tactile process, she tries to continuously refine and extend the traditions of lyrical abstraction.

Pigment on Linen


Dyamond Gordon

Dyamond is a Jamaican painter who excels in the use of color and movement and the art of utilizing her skills to convey her emotions. She explores the potentials of color and tonal scales, visual appeal and volume within a two-dimensional framework. Viewing her dynamic works of art is an exciting experience. Due to the large scale of her paintings, her use of colour extend beyond our basic perception of art. As colourful patterns advance and recede, they mimic the manner in which the world operates. She brings an extensive mastery of colour, rhythm, and compositional elements to each painting. Her art is visual poetry bursting forth with relentless energetic expression.

Paintings are Acrylic




Rob Leighton

Rob Leighton creates sculptural forms, both figurative and abstract, utilising a range of media ; the ‘matter’ which occupies space and possesses mass. Rob consider his work to be ‘Matter of Σ importance’. The materials used by Rob when developing the forms has always been a consideration, both aesthetic and practical. As Σ (sigma) is a measurement of variability, which is defined as “ the range of possible outcomes of a given situation’ it seems a perfect symbol to describe his working practice. Rob has never given weight to the notion of a hierarchy of materials or to the philosophy of ‘truth to materials’. His works often deceive, the true nature of the matter employed being concealed. More recently Rob has been giving consideration to the ‘matter’ (materials) used in terms of their environmental impact. The choice is diverse, one could almost say infinite. However, the choices become highly constrained when environmental factors are taken into account. Many materials and processes have detrimental environmental impacts. Rob is seeking to employ the ‘least worst’ of these within his recent work, consciously reducing his personal ‘ environmental footprint’.


Pamela Lloyd-Jones

Pamela has work in collections in France, Germany, Canada, Australia, USA and Costa Rica, as well as the UK, where her figurative commissions are extremely popular. She is a Member of the SGFA (The Drawing Society) and has exhibited in Cork St., Bankside, The Mall Galleries, The Menier Gallery, and The Linden Hall Gallery. Her work ranges with her current obsessions: currently 'stories' drawn and painted on natural canvas. Work changes with life, keeping her work challenging and fresh. She is a passionate educator, running workshops monthly in London, and for individual galleries.

Ink and acrylic on natural canvas


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