Eve Shepherd M.R.B.S, S.P.S

Eve began her career as a sculptor at the age of 17 as apprentice to well-known
animal sculptor Anthony Bennett - where he spotted her innate talent and sent her to
the UK’s largest sculpture and heritage company Scenic Route. It was there that
she developed a reputation for high quality portraiture and often worked on public
sculptures. She later became head of department at the age of 21 and took the lead
on many large-scale projects worldwide.


Eve was described as ‘unique in the world of modern sculptors’ by Professor
Anthony Stone, a former President of the Society of Portrait Sculptors. She has also
been compared with Rodin and is predicted to become “one of the great artists of our


Working predominantly in bronze and clay, she uses traditional mediums and
methods with a contemporary twist, Eve’s consistent ability to produce works, which
though often challenging to the viewer, portray an exquisite sensitivity and honesty
rarely seen in contemporary sculpture. Her work has the power to capture emotion
and move the immoveable.


The energy, passion and strength of feeling she invests in to each piece of work can
not only be seen but felt by the audience.

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