Originally training for eight years both at art school and as an apprentice illustrator,
Jane was a corporate high-flyer as Head of Design for Minolta and Ricoh. Now
proving hugely successful in her second career as an artist.
With an all-consuming passion for British Wildlife combined with a quirky, dark,
Northern sense of humour, the main subject of each painting is transformed from a
‘natural’ pose into a completely obscure and unusual setting.
With a natural leaning towards the Gothic Genre which includes Victorian engines,
optical and astronomical instruments and even the Medieval inventions to add to the
mix, the term ‘Steam Punk’ is often used to describe Jane’s work.
Jane says, “The great diversity of British Wildlife and the imagination of connecting
birds and animals with unrelated objects opens up endless possibilities for
paintings.” And “The whole thing is brought together in the naming of the work… it’s
all in the title.”


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