Philip went to art schools in St Albans and Liverpool where he obtained his BA in fine art.
After graduating he then began work on a series of large landscape paintings in London
where he lived for two years - after which he turned to St Albans where he taught life
In the late 1970s Philip moved first to Italy, working full time on landscapes, continuing to
learn about light and colour.
In 1997 he moved to Northern Spain to work from a different landscape. He had also
continued to develop the practise of still-life painting and drawing - this is something he had
always considered an intense and controllable discipline.
In 2013 Philip moved from Spain to Southern France where he is building a studio to
continue his explorations into the changing light of the local landscape. He also has a studio
in Kent where he makes paintings of the Kent countryside and beyond.
Working predominantly in oils Philip manipulates his medium like a master conjurer, making
seemingly effortless brush marks appear and disappear, creating the illusion of sunlight on
water, a wood or forest, of light almost not there, you cannot help but want to be walking
through one of his paintings..

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