Tom is a crafts person who has created seating, sculpture and public art for various
commissions including site-specific public sculpture at various locations in the UK.
He has a background in landscape design as well as exhibiting his wood sculptures at
galleries and open studios.
Tom’s art grew from his passion for ‘making things’. He was accepted by the Princes Trust
to set up a business for designing products that could be made during the restoration of
derelict woodland and the crafts associated.
He originally wanted to be an oil painter, but found this media unable to satisfy his three
dimensional skills and a few years ago a garden project involving the carving of large
geometrical shapes out of giant trees, wood having always been his favourite material to
work with, found him hooked; and he hasn’t looked back.
Tom uses many kinds of wood in his practice, often using a carbonisation technique to
blacken the colour before waxing it, adding depth and enhancing the grain.
His work follows the organic structure of the wood, whether it is a seat or an oversized seed
pod, you are aware of its origin – the structure, life and warmth of the wood from the felled


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