Christmas at WING

6th Dec - Jan.

New work from gallery artists

Barry Wilson, Jane Ford

George Underwood, Kate Viner

Rebecca Ritchie, Celia Allen

Jane Gray, Marie Ackers

Jonathan Hateley, Paul Jackson

Will Taylor,  Gavin Roweth


KVDP 'Brilliance'

1st November 2019

A special sparkly evening to celebrate the work of silversmith and jeweller Kate Van Der Pump; complete with the chance to meet Kate and ask her all your jewellery related questions.

Expect fizz and sparkles. 


WING is going to FRESH


19th-22nd September 2019

FRESH art fair at Ascot hosts 54 leading UK and European galleries; 6,000 paintings and sculptures from over 600 artists including Dani Humberstone, Gavin Roweth, George Underwood, Marie Prett, Will Taylor, Jane Ford and Eve Shepard.



Summer Exhibition

Opens 29th June

 New work by  

Eve Shepherd, George Underwood 

Celia Allen, Will Taylor

Jane Ford, John Killens

Annie Waring, Paul Shadbolt

 Kate Van Der Pump

Dani Humberstone, Tom Marsh

  Shelley Rose, Gavin Roweth.


March & April

 New work by  

George Underwood, Celia Allen, Will Taylor, Jane Ford, John Killens, Annie Waring

Mark Welland, Kate Van Der Pump

Dani Humberstone

  Shelley Rose, Gavin Roweth.

The Annual Sculpture show

         21st April - 13th May


Tom Nicholson Smith

Peter Clarke

Jenna Gearing 

Jonathan Hateley

Gavin Roweth 

Genie Cranfield 

Camilla Le May 

Mia Zervudachi

Ptolemy Elrington

  Emily Pennock

1st - 13th November


Melanie Berman

15th - 29th October

‘Traces within the local forests are at the core of my new work'



3rd - 24th  September


Sally Martin

Tom Nicholson Smith

Tricia Wellings

Chris Jones

Alison Trask

Jane Ford

Keith Swainson

        STONE    INK    WOOD  


23 april - 14 may 2016 

III artists using III mediums.

Chris's large, incredibly detailed, pen and ink drawings focus your attention on the interaction of man and the subject he's drawing along with hidden narratives behind the objects that have inspired him to draw them.

Tom's wooden sculptures are inspired by the organic structure of natural objects combined with the quality and beauty of the material he uses.

Gavin carves directly into stone creating forms utilising the intrinsic nature of the material. The marks where life on the planet has left fossils embedded in the stone often become essential parts of the finished piece.

Chris Price  Gavin Roweth Tom Nicholson Smith

WING Gallery +44 (0)1892 783665

High St, Wadhurst TN5 6AA